Sunday, May 15, 2011


Good Afternoon everyone!

Welcome to "Back Porch Adventures!" I got this idea about a year ago when I was on my back porch spending time with Papa God! These were some awesome times as I would spend hours there soaking up His Presence and sitting at His feet receiving my daily bread from the rhema Word He would speak to me. These times were precious to me and my life has never been the same.

So, I got to thinking about different ways I could be a blessing and share this abundant life He's so richly blessed me with and this "blogging thing" was one of many I thought I could do! I see this as an informal gathering just as if you were visiting me on my back porch enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee and delightful pastries as we share living life together! I look forward to sharing insights in the Word of God, thoughts to enrich our relationships, how to be a blessing to our community, business ideas, recovering the arts for the Kingdom of God, as well as some other things I enjoy such as fishing, boating, gardening and my favorite books just to name a few!

My heart's desire is that these adventures inspire and create a hunger in you to venture out and explore every area in life that you want to! I want you to know that you don't have to join the army to "be all you can be!" Papa God formed you with a desire in you to explore, to create to do the things you've probably been thinking are way out there and off the wall! He formed you after His likeness and it makes Him so happy to see His children going after everything in life they want to go after because He's created it all for us to explore and discover!

I love the book of Romans as it talks about this wonderful life of freedom our Father has made available thru Jesus and in this life we're only limited by our own mindsets. If you've been born again, the Son has made you free to be all He's created you to be! You may be thinking, "But I always thought that being a christian meant there are certain things I can't do!" Religion has tried to suffocate the very life out of us that He has so freely given by placing demands and restrictions on us that was never His idea! Now this doesn't mean that we go out and do harmful things to ourself or our neighbor and if we're in relationship with Jesus that won't be in us to do anyway. But think about this, there may be some of you who love movies! You watch a good movie, it inspires you to do something good for someone or you begin to dream about a wonderful idea that you think would make a great movie but because you're a christian and you've been told that movies are sinful and theaters aren't places where christians go you put away that idea because you think it's wrong. Let's just think about that a minute....if God is Creator, who created the whole idea of movies anyway? Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying every movie is good to watch because there are some perverse things out there but there had to be an original idea for the enemy to be able to pervert it because that's what he does! He doesn't have the ability to create. He just takes something Papa God made twists and perverts it to try to change its origin, but he can't do it! He doesn't have that power or authority! He can only mangle it so it's not easy to see where it originated from but if you trace its roots and beginnings you'll be able to see that it came from the Father's heart!  So, what if, the intent Father had for the entertainment industry was just what I hope this blog will be, something to point people to Him and His goodness?  Something to inspire us to dream with Him? What if?

I encourage you to be free to be everything Papa God has created you to be! If you want to write screen plays ask Papa what's on His heart for you to write and start writing!  If you want to paint or create an art piece go for it! Get alone with Papa God and ask Him to show you how to partner with Him in bringing heaven to earth where you are and in what you can do or even what you want to learn to do! Remember, He's the Master Creator. He has the ability and understanding of showing you how since He knows you and how you learn best! Go ahead! Ask Him! Dream with Him! Dream Big! He's a big God with BIG ideas in mind for you!

I would love to hear any ideas He gives you if you'd like to share!


  1. Thanks Lori, I enjoyed our time together! See you next time and what a great idea!!

  2. So good to have a chance to hear from You and Papa! Look forward to more visits on the Back Porch!