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Monday, May 16, 2011

Have you ever had the Lord test you to see if you would do what you said you would do? You know, "Lord, I'll do anything, go anywhere I just have to have more of You!" That kind of thing? Well, about a year ago this week, actually, the Lord asked me, "Did you really mean it? Did you really mean you would go anywhere and do anything?" I thought about it for a long while and asked myself, "Did I mean it? Would I leave  my husband, (if he couldn't come with me) would I leave my family, my children and grandchildren and friends? Would I leave everything I know everything I'm familiar with...the comforts of home, my career, would I risk the possibility of my granchildren forgetting me while I'm gone? Would I?" I really pondered these things before I responded and after deep consideration I answered, "Yes, Lord! I'll go anywhere and I'll do anything You ask me to as long as I get to have more of YOU!"

Well, He gave me the test! He asked me to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California! So I said "Alright, if You'll tell my husband and work it out with him so he asks me, and provide all the provisions I need then I'll go because I don't know how to ask him if I can go and I don't know how I can pay for this!" A week went by and then the next week came around and one day coming back from lunch my husband and I were together heading back to the office as was our daily routine. We both were kind of quiet that day and my husband out of the blue asked, "Alright, what have we got to do to get you there?" I was looking out of the passenger's side window and turned to him and asked "What? What do you mean?" and he asked me, "Don't you want to go to Bethel School? Doesn't Bethel have some sort of school?" I know I had to be looking at him quite dumbfounded, because we had never discussed it! I had never said anything about going or even telling him about it other than one day he had walked in the office where I was and asked me what I was looking at online. This day I happened to be looking at Bethel's School website but I didn't go in detail nor did I mention it again!

So, after picking my jaw up out of my lap, I was able to regain my thoughts and something just rose up in me and I answered, "Yes!" Yes, I do want to go!" This was so unlike me. Usually, in the past, and even if it was something I wanted to do I would push it down and not wanting to be a bother to anyone I would say, "Nah, that's ok!" But not this time! It was like something just roared out of me! "YES!" I want to go!" My husband told me that I should go ahead and apply that day if I wanted to go so I did!

Then I heard the Lord say, "Now, write down what you'll need and make a list of the things you need to do!" This was the first time in my life I can ever remember the Lord being so specific and very definitive about something. So, after I applied online to BSSM, I immediately began calculating the finances I would need not only for the school but for living expenses as well. Then I offered this list and the list of things I had to do to the Lord and thanked Him for the provisions, favor, wisdom and strength to get everything accomplished before I was to leave in September if I was accepted.

Two weeks later, I received a word of congratulations that I had been accepted to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry! Wow! This was like a dream! Was I dreaming? Was this real? Was this actually happening? Was I really going to California? By this time, I had already gotten some of my "list to do" done because I believed this was part of my faith walk doing what I knew to do until I heard differently. So, now that I had been accepted, I just kicked it up a notch working day and late nights to get everything done!  Included on this "list to do" was list and sell 4 of our personal properties (1 was my daughter and son's house and another was the one we were living in)! Not only did all 4 properties sell but all of the "little things" that had to be done was completed along with moving my husband and his brother who lives with us to one of our rental properties! Now, you have to understand, this was when the market was considered to be slow and our house we were living in was in the top of the price range that was even being sold at that time. There were eleven houses in that neighborhood on the market and seven of them were on our street!

May 25 or 27, 2010, was when I applied, June 12 or 15th I got accepted, then September 1, 2010, my amazing husband rode across America with me to see this place we had never heard of or seen before; this place I would call "home" for the next 9 months of my life!

I had no idea what Papa God had in store for me! This has been such an amazing journey!  I have been so blessed and enriched, empowered and so radically changed that I'll never be the same! I have gone from one glory to another and I know there's even more to come!

Today, I begin the next phase of another glory level! Today, I graduated BSSM! Today, is the beginning of another chapter of another awesome journey I will take with Papa! When I answered His call I had no idea where He would lead me. All I knew was like the disciples, were called they left their duties to follow this Man whom they didn't know and had never seen but yet they felt safe and felt they could trust Him to lead them anywhere and keep them along the way. I too, have found Him to be a safe place. One I can trust to lead me and keep me. He has proven this to me and my family! He has provided and done more than I even asked for and it has been more than I ever dreamed it would be! This has been a year of seeing and living heaven on earth and yes, I did get more of Him, however, I'm still just as hungry and thirsty for more as I was when I came. And yes, I will go to the ends of the earth to get more if that's what He asks me to do! Honey, are you ready? :)

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