Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 24 Bethel School of Supernatural Creativity

Bethel School of Supernatural Creativity

You are invited on an adventure where the supernatural power of God and creativity converge. We are headed for a Kingdom Renaissance, where all believers can embrace the creative power of God for personal, church, and worldwide transformation. You will receive impartation to go to the next level from world class speakers, be trained daily in a variety of 17 workshops, which you can choose from like Kingdom dance, drama, film, fine arts, photography, music, writing, fashion, and culinary arts. These workshops are for those who are gifted as well as beginners. There will also be "supernatural creative stations" throughout our time together, where you can see firsthand, how healing and the prophetic power of God's creativity can transform your life. Discover your destiny in what you alone can create supernaturally, so register on line today!

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