Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May19, 2011

Good morning, Friends and Neighbors!

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day in Redding CA.
Lots of sunshine, clear skies and mild temperatures beckoned everyone to enjoy the great outdoors so I did! Spent some time in the Word, answered some emails, calls, text messages and facebook requests, whew, got some sun, read a few pages in a new book I just started, then went for a long walk at the beautiful Lema Ranch!

Since I didn't get to share with you yesterday, I want to take you on an adventure I went on with some friends to Burney Falls! I believe I can speak for us all and tell you it was just breath-taking!

This is just one of the sights that took our breath!
There's more!

Ok! See these tall trees? Well get ready! I'm going to take you on one of the trails nestled deep in this amazing enchanted forest! Come, on! Let's go!

This was our starting point!

This is one of the nicer trails we started out on which led us to....

which was part of ....

Isn't this just amazing?

and just as you thought it couldn't get any better....

I kept waiting for a little fairy or maybe a gnome to reveal themselves... :)

and just a few more...

Yes, it is a huge dogwood flower...

and there's so much more but I don't want to bore you...

I hope this inspires you the next time you're out and about to take a trek to Burney Falls which is just about an hour northeast of Redding CA. Or, if you're not close by maybe find out what your area has to offer that you've never seen before and go discover what adventures you could stumble upon! I'd love to hear about them! Have fun and enjoy this Big, beautiful world our Lord has made!

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  1. Just Lovely! GOD is soooo gooooood!